4 Mile Hole

4 Mile Hole

It was school holidays again and dad just got a text from one of his mates saying 4 mile was open. Pa had just arrived so dad said do you want to go to 4 mile. What a stupid question! As usual up early the next day and off we went. We arrived there just after sunrise and there was hardly anyone here. We launched the boat and headed up to the spot we caught all the fish last time, there was a boat there already so we had a flick along the snags. It wasn’t long before dad landed a small barra. The boat near our spot took off so we motored over on the electric and dad saw the screen on the sounder go red. Dad hit the spot lock and we started flicking some soft plastics. It wasn’t long and dad was one landing his second fish. Pa had also hooked up. Dad changed my lure for me and then a few more casts and I was on as well. We flicked around here for most of the day and ended up landing 42 fish between the three of us. A lot quieter this year than last as last time we got 75 between dad and I. Still a great day out and I landed the biggest barra a 79cm. So I out fished dad again.

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