First Gladstone Trip

First Gladstone Trip

It’s been a long time between trips due to moving. Dad finally got his act together and got his boat license and  the boat registered so time for a fishing trip. We headed of for spin up the Boyne River for our first outing.  First task for the day was to catch some bait. Dad ended up catching a few mullet and some Gar fish. We pulled up on the bank and through out some baits. After about 15 minutes my rod took off. A quick fight and my first Gladstone fish, turned out to be a 47cm Mangrove Jack. My biggest one so far , what a start.


I had a few more hits and dad was catching catfish when I was onto another nice fish. Jack number 2 this one was 40cm. Both the Jack caught also had tags in them.

No more Jack for me just catfish as well. Dad took a couple of photos around the area and it was time to head home.

Looks like I out fished dad again, what a great way to start my new adventures around the Gladstone area.

See Ya




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