Gladstone Harbour

Gladstone Harbour

It was a nice morning on Saturday so dad and I decided to have a fish around Curtis island and up towards the Narrows. We started by having a flick around some rock bars on a small island. It all looked good but no fish to be found. We headed off to a creek nearby and threw a few lures around. Dad hooked a nice flathead but unfortunately we lost it at the boat. Off again and on the way out of the creek we pulled up on a sandbar to pump a few yabbies for bait. I have never pumped for yabbies before so this was good fun. We ended up with some nice bait and went down to Grahams creek for a fish. First yabbie in and off went my rod. Seemed like a good fish, after a good fight I landed my biggest grunter. Not quite big enough for dinner but close.

we fished hear until all the bait was gone. We ended up landing about a dozen bream so had a heap of fun. All a bit small to eat so back they went for another day.

After this we went to try a spot near Tide Island for some Jew fish. Caught plenty of sharks but I did manage a baby Jewie.

The tide starting coming in and too  many sharks so headed back up the river for a look. We came across some fish on the sounder, so I flicked out and landed a small Blue Salmon.

Time to head home and It looks like I out fished dad again today.


See Ya




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