New Zealand to CQ rivers

New Zealand to CQ rivers

On school holidays we went to New Zealand for 2 weeks and I was dying to catch a trout on fly. So dad and I went and got a day fishing license and hired out fly rods to hopefully catch a trout. After walking around the river trying and hoping to get one . Finally I hook up in stretch of river across from our motel. I was so happy to land my first Rainbow Trout fly.

Dad and I have been searching the CQ rivers hoping to catch what ever we can find. Mostly Flathead and Cod but with the occasional Mangrove Jack and Salmon. We have started targeting Diamond Trevally on the flats after my friend showed me how and where to catch them. They have become one of my favorite fish to catch because you have to use light gear as we only use 10LB leader to catch these magnificent fish.


Looks like dad got out fished again.


See Ya


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