Holiday Adventures 2011/12

Holiday Adventures 2011/12

School has finished for the year and now its time to do some fishing. Our first trip was to the Blackmore River in Darwin harbour. I caught a nice 68cm barra casting some trees next to a small drain. This barra hit me twice before hooking up. And once I hooked up it was jumping around the back of the boat. Dad caught no fish today.  On the way back to the ramp we had a troll over some rocks where I caught a nice rock cod. I out fished my dad again. This was a good start to my holidays.

Our next trip was out to Yellow Waters in Kakadu with Mum and Dad. On the way home we fished some of the road culverts. I landed my first Kakadu culvert barra. We also called into Scotts Creek and I landed another small barra. Dad got a Tarpon.

A few days later Dad and I went to the South Alligator to check out the early run off fishing. The river was pretty high and a bit of run off around. We fished up Nourlangie at the forks. I caught a barra and hooked another which a big cheeky croc tried to eat. It was time to move on. Dad took to me to a spot below the bridge where the were some barra boofing. I put on a popper an hooked and landed a 68cm barra. then the storms came in so we headed home.

Next trip was down to the Daly River with dad and his cousin Alex. The fishing was slow today with Alex finally catching the first fish. A PB for Alex. I put on a popper again and threw out. A barra smashed it twice but failed to hook up. I then changed to a small classic that I got for Christmas and whack a nice fish in the boat. We then moved up river to Elizabeth Creek where I landed my second barra on a rubber lure left swimming in the current. We then moved over to some grassy beds where dad finally caught a barra. No more fish for the day.


Our last trip was back in the harbour flicking the flats with the electric. Dad got hit by a nice barra over some sticks but hook up. A few casts at the stick for nothing. Then I threw into the trees and got snagged. I pulled the lure out of the tree and landed in the water then a couple of turns and whack I was on a 58cm barra to the boat. No more fish but not bad for one and a half hours.


Well looks like I out fished my dad all holidays. We didn’t get a lot of fish but it was great to be out. Looking forward to the run off and hoping for my first metery.


See Ya


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