Reef to Rivers

Reef to Rivers

Over the last 6 weeks Dad and I have managed to get out on the reefs with good weather and up the rivers when it was windy. On our first trip out to the reef we explored the area around Masthead, Wistari and and wreck we found. A lot of fish caught on this trip but only small. I did manage Trevally Remora and Red Throat Emperor.


Our next trip was an over night trip out to Fitzroy Reef. As the trip before lots of small fish around. We saw heaps of whales jumping in the distance. I did get my first Coral trout and Squid on this trip. We spent the night in Fitzroy Lagoon then the next morning head to Lamont Reef where we managed a feed of Hussar and Task Fish.


Our final reef trip was out to Northwest and Masthead Island. Very quite around Northwest and a bit choppy so we headed back in behind Masthead. This was a great choice as I landed my first Red Emperor, Chinaman and Maori Cod. The Red Emperor weighed in at 8.5kg’s and 76cm


When the wind was up we did a trip to the Colosseum and Boyne River. We caught a few nice flat head and some small trevally.


It has been a pretty good 6 weeks of fishing and on the last reef trip I flogged Dad. So get out there and out fish your dad.


See Ya


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