Daly Revisited

Daly Revisited

Dad had a fishing trip  planned for off shore with a friend from work, but due to the windy conditions, we decided to go back to the Daly.   So up at 4am Wednesday morning we headed down to the  river.   At sunrise we launched the boat and within 5 minutes we had our lures in the water. On our  first troll dad hooked a fish about 75 cm’s which jumped and spat the lure.  We turned the boat around and had another go over the same spot, each time dad and his friend ended up with a nice Barra. We ended up with 3 fish at this spot.

Dad’s Barra

It went quiet so we headed down stream, I am glad we did as this is where I caught my first fish of the day.  We trolled this spot for a while dad and I were both successful at catching a couple more fish.

Time to go back up river and tried a spot near Diesel creek.   I landed another fish after about 5 minutes of trolling. Went further along the bank and we found a spot with some nice fish. I hooked one  about 90cm which hit me at the boat and jumped in front of us, I started shaking, it took me around the motor and down into the snags but  lost the lure on this one.  Straight back into it on another run and I got a nice fish and a couple of smaller fish.



After a long day it was time to head home all in all it was a great day on the water.  Fish total for the day was 16 and I caught 7 of them so again I OUT FISHED MY DAD !

Hope you enjoy the post and pictures and kids get out there and OUT FISH YOUR DAD !

See Ya


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