How to out fish your dad

4 Mile Hole

Today Dad and I went to 4 Mile Hole in Kakadu National Park.  I have been asking dad to take me there for ages, this week it finally opened. Again it was another early morning, arriving  about 7am. On the way in we saw heaps of pigs and donkeys.

We flicked the lillies,  I lost a Saratoga then we started to cast to some trees where I caught a small Barra amongst the sticks, first fish to me.

No more fish so dad headed back towards the boat ramp, stopping at a spot, where he saw some people getting some fish earlier on in the morning. First cast I was on. Dad threw the anchor out,  this is where we stayed until home time. We ended up with 75 fish the biggest was 80cm. I caught 50 of them myself My PB. Most of the fish were between 40-55cm but we ended up with a few in the 60 to 70 cm range.

The fish went quiet around 1pm so we decided to call it a day. On the way back to the ramp dad stopped to take some bird photos.

Today we also managed to get some video of some little fish being caught.

Another good day out with dad and again I OUT FISHED MY DAD :-]

See Ya


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