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A Couple of Afternoons at Corroboree

Corroboree Billabong on the Mary River System has just opened and my sister was going to a sleep over, so Dad and I took the opportunity to take mum out .  We headed off and arrived at Corroboree around five in the afternoon. We launched the boat and I started fishing while waiting for dad and mum. I lost a few Tarpon straight away. Then we went up to a little billabong to the left of the ramp and mum took a few photos. I managed a few hits. we then moved back into the billabong left of the ramp and we put the electric down and cruised along the edge of the lillies while I was fishing and mum was taking photos. There was heaps of Tarpon around hitting my lure but would keep jumping but getting off. In the end I managed to land one.


We moved up into a little creek where I kept loosing heaps of tarpon. At the end of the creek I had a big Saratoga hit me.  After a bit of a fish here we headed off looking for some croc for mum to take a photo. We stopped stopped near the channel to the main billabong  to take a photo of a croc.







We went further up he billabong and saw another croc. The sun was starting to set so we headed back to near the cranky croc and started flicking using the electric motor. Mum was taking photos of the sunset. Dad hooked a small barra. We  continued on  flicking then I hooked and landed a small Barra.


We moved along a bit further and dad hooked a barra right at the boat which scared  mum. Dad then landed another barra just before time to go home.



It was a great afternoon so dad said we would come back again tomorrow afternoon.

Friday afternoon is here and time to head back to Corroboree this time planning to fish into the dark, Thermocell’s and headlamps packed off we went. It was only dad and I his time. We arrived at the ramp about four o’clock and headed up to the same little creek as the day before. Again tarpon everywhere hitting my lure straight away this time I managed to land a few.

We headed up the little creek with plenty of hits. After a while we headed back to the main channel where took some bird photos and managed to catch a Saratoga.

Dad and I headed back to where we caught the barra the day before and at least this time when we got there the cranky croc was not around. we started flicking and I was getting smashed by Saratoga but I could not keep them hooked. I finally hooked one and got him to the boat when dad stuffed up with the netting and got the lure and not the fish. We kept cruising along and dad managed a couple more Toga. One of them had no tail.

It was getting dark now so we flicked back along where we had been and the cranky croc was back. I hooked up and a nice barra leaps out of the water.A 63cm for me.

By now it was dark and we were watching the croc so we moved over to the channel to the main billabong started flicking and I was belted at the boat but missed. A few more nice hits but the bugs were terrible. Dad said it was time to go. One more cast and I was on . We couldn’t even turn our head lamps on because the bugs where that bad.  A nice fight and my best Corroboree barra at 79cm. A quick dodgy photo on dads phone and home we went.

Another great day and I out fished dad again.

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