How to out fish your dad

A Day at Bynoe

Today Dad and I went to Bynoe for a fish. Dad kept me waiting because he had a chat with Tales From The Tinny on the radio. We arrived at 8 am  hoping to catch some Barra and Jack. When we got there we launched the boat when the tide was running out and then we went down stream. I started flicking gutters and a big Threadfin Salmon hit my lure but I lost it. I started flicking a rock bar and I got a little Jack and lost a nice one. We headed to Phoenix Inlet were Dad got a big Blue Salmon  and a small Barra.

We went to some different spots and got nothing so we headed to Indian Island, there was heaps of Salmon but they wouldn’t have a go at the rubber lures. Dad did manage a Barra and I lost a big barra.

We then moved again and come across a small creek that looked good. I flicked at a small log in a junction and hook up. A quick jump and it was off. A couple of more casts and I was on again this time landing my first Barra for the day.

We move back to the mouth and I was on again but again he got off. Dad flicked in near the same spot and he was on landing my fish. Not long after Dad got his I hooked up and landed another.

Almost time to head home so we flicked over some rocks and I got smashed by anther big Jack. He had a few goes but would not hook up. I didn’t manage to get a nice Threadfin like last time but another good day out. Unfortunately today Dad out fished me. Here’s a picture of my Threadfin from last trip as well.

See Ya



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