How to out fish your dad

A Trip to The Fresh.

Up early again and Dad and I hit the Freshwater Finnis for a fish this morning. Boat launched and down stream we headed to the end of the billabong. We tried flicking a small creek but it was very quite. We then headed over to a heap of snags and as we got there dad says look at all the barra. There was heaps of them on the surface. These were all small fish and were not very interested in our lures. We did manage to tease a few up to hit the lures ending up with two fish each.

After flicking for a little while longer for a couple of taps we decided to head back upstream to a place we have caught sooties before. Stopped on the way for dad to get a photo of a cormorant sitting on a log.It was pretty quite here today as well. We drifted along with the electric flicking all the snags. I ended up landing four sooties and dad got two and another two barra one was 68cm.

Looks like dad finally out fished me today but it was still a great day out and next time I will out fish my dad.


See Ya


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