How to out fish your dad

Barra and a Whale’s Tale.

School holidays equals fishing and it is that time again. These school holidays has had a few firsts for me. My first Gladstone barra and Tarpon. The first time I have seen Humpback Whales. It all started with a trip out to Pikes crossing with dad after work. We launched the boat off the bank, put the electric down and started to flick. We had gone about 20 meters when dad was on. First fish to dad. We continue up the river about 500 meters to a junction. I threw into some snags and whack,  I’m on. A nice fight and my first Gladstone barra measuring in at 75cm.

We flicked around this area for the rest of the day with dad managing 4 more fish before heading home.



A few quite days of rest and the family headed down to Hervey Bay for some whale watching. I was a bit choppy on the day we went but we managed to see a few whales. I also saw my first Sail Fish on the way back to port.

Back at home and ready for another fishing trip, this time with Pa as well. We decided to give Pikes another go and today it started out slow. We pushed further up river in the morning to a small bay. We motored around with the electric for a while before I changed to a small rubber lure. Straight away I had hit. A few casts and I’m on. My first Gladstone Tarpon.

We did a full circle around the bay before dad hooked up landing a nice barra. Just after dad let his fish go I was on a nice fat 73cm barra in the boat for me.

We started to slowly head back down river when I flicked in at some rocks with a soft plastic. A quick retrieve and it got nailed. A nice fight but up it come mouth open and gone.

Back into the last section where we launched I managed another small barra which snapped the leader when I lifted it into the boat. Just as we where back near the ramp I threw out the Thready Buster and whack again another nice barra to me.

Time to go now so home we went. Looks like I out fished dad and Pa today.

See Ya


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