How to out fish your dad

Blackmore River Barra

It is the last day of school holidays today so dad took me for a run to the Blackmore river, in Middle Arm this morning. There wasn’t much movement today as it was neap tides and the river was pretty clear. We started flicking a gutter when I hooked a catfish that just jumpedĀ  everywhere.

We continued on to another gutter where dad saw some Barra swimming around ,we threw the lures at them, but they took off. I had another cast and one had a look but didn’t hook up. Motored along a bit further and there was about fourBarra sitting in the gutter, a few casts and a couple of nudges but no fish. I did see a mud crab and threw the lure at it, a couple of flicks and I jagged it.


No more action so off to another spot to try. We drifted into a small bay with the electric near a creek mouth and whack I was on, a few jumps and a 63cm barra in the boat.


We kept heading into the creek mouth and I threw into a small gutter then whack again another barra. A nice fight and a couple of jumps and this one was in the boat a nice 68cm fish.

We headed off again to another spot around some rocks when I threw out the other side of the boat. As I wound in a small blue salmon had a go at the lure. Next cast he was on dad also hooked up as well. As I pulled my fish in it go attacked by a shark. Dad managed to get his in this was dads only fish for the day.

Well time to head home, but what a good way to spend the morning and out fish my dad again. Here’s a bit of video of my barra.


See Ya


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