How to out fish your dad

Blackmore to Bynoe Harbour.

Its school holiday time so that means fishing time. Dad and I have had a few trips out so far mainly around the Blackmore River and my first trip to Bynoe Harbour. The fishing around the Blackmore has been pretty quiet but we did manage to land a couple of fish.

Well my first trip to Bynoe was a different story. Dad took me to a spot he had been before and there was jelly prawns and fish feeding all over the place, I thought this is not good, we never get fish when the Jelly prawns are around. I put on a prawn lure and started casting. I was not long and I was on, my first barra in Bynoe.

We flicked for a little bit longer and no luck so off to another spot. Dad hooked a small barra straight away but it got off. There was not much happening here so we headed off to flick some drains. Dad landed a nice fish in one drain then we went to the next, a change of lure and whack I was on my second barra.

We fished a few more drains then dad said lets have an explore. We headed off and dad found some rocks which we started fishing. Dad hook up straight away which turned out to be a cod. We drifted along with the electric and bang I was on a nice barra jumped and took off for a big run. A good fight and I had him to the boat, my biggest Bynoe barra at 68cm. We kept fishing and ended up landing a few more barra, a shark, catfish and heaps of cod.

As the tide had been running in for a while now the fish went quiet. We headed back to the river where we put the boat in and had a go at some salmon. Dad had one follow him up which I poached off him but it got off. A few more casts and I was landed a nice little Blue Salmon.

The storms and lightning where starting so time to head off. Another good day out and I out fished my dad again.


See Ya


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