How to out fish your dad

Bynoe Harbour GT.

Dad and I hit Bynoe harbour again hoping for some more barra. We arrived at the ramp around 8:30 in the morning and headed off to try and get some barra. The water was nice and flat and we arrive at the fishing spot. We flicked the mangroves for a while with no luck. Dad decided to have a troll around some rock and first run I landed a small Barracuda.

A couple more passes and no more fish. We headed off to a rocky point where we flicked some poppers and metal slice lures around, we had a few hits from queenfish but didn’t land any. Dad took us back near the island and we started flicking some rocks. after about 5 casts I was on and was it big. We thought it might have been a shark but after about 10 minutes we finally saw it. A huge Giant Trevally. It took about another 10 minutes and some big runs and the GT was in the net and I had sore arms.

GT released and off we went for another flick. The day was quite after this with dad landing a Golden Snapper for dinner and I got a small cod. But what a day my biggest GT and on Barra gear .

Well it looks like I out fished dad again.

See Ya


2 thoughts on “Bynoe Harbour GT.”

  1. well done kid, love your work. Love to go to Bynoe for a trip one day, never been there.
    Thanks for the clip and great song.

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