How to out fish your dad

Couple of days at the Daly River.

On Sunday Dad and I headed down to the Daly River for a couple of days of fishing and camping. We stayed at Sinclair’s Fisherman’s Retreat .We unpacked the car and boat and set up camp before heading off fishing.


We launched the boat at the public boat ramp and headed down river. We stopped at Hairies rock bar for a troll, after about 5 minutes of trolling I hooked my first barra of the day, after a small fight it was in the boat a nice 62cm fish. My friend turned up just after I landed the fish so I gave it to them for diner.

A few more troll’s and no more fish to be caught so off we went further down river. We pulled up at the tackle box for another troll and on the first run I was on again this time the fish jumped and spat the lure. We spun around for another run and as we passed the same spot and I was on again. The fish came up out of the water and spat the lure as well. A couple more runs and the same each time, the fish just didn’t want to stay on. Getting late now so we headed back to camp quick troll at no fish dropped a couple there. Back at camp we had steak burgers and sat around the fire.

Day 2

Morning has arrived up early bacon for brecky and off we went. First stop was at No Fish, first run my lure has a hit and the fish took me into the snags, as dad was winding in a barra took his lure. Dads fish was 65cm.

Another troll run and I landed a nice small barra.


The tide started running in hard so we headed down river. Dad stopped to take a photo of the eagles diving but a big croc popped up right next to the boat and scared us he was cranky.

We took off away from the croc and headed to Hairies Rock bar no fish here today. There was a cute eagle in his nest.


Back to the Tackle Box a few trolls here but quite today on the way there we saw a dead pig and a dead croc that had been eaten. We also saw a croc that looked funny I named him “DOG CROC” because he was biting his tail like a dog. Headed back up river to no fish still no fish there very quite now. Went further up to the main rock bar and I  hooked a good fish, after about 5 minute fight it took off to the snags and got stuck. Dad went to use the lure pole and the lure floated free. Dad got a small barra at the same time so we had a double hook up. No more fish here so went to a spot near the Golden Mile and I got a small barra.

Starting to get late again so we headed back towards camp. On the way back we come across a Brahminy Kite sitting it the tree with a cheribin in it’s foot. I also spotted a big black wild pig.


Back we went quick clean up and off to the Daly River Pub for dinner T Bone and Scotch. After dinner back to the camp and bed ready for the next day.

Day 3

Headed back to No Fish first run and I was on, a quick fight and into the boat.

Sean in action


A few more troll runs and a few more hook ups but just could not keep them on the line. There was a racket happening in the trees was a big Sea Eagle having a chat.

The fish were still biting but only small so dad said we would head to the main rock bar for the tide change and try for a big fish. On the second troll run I was on to a nice barra that jumped, then stole my lure. Re-rigged and the next run I was on again this time it was a really good fish. The fish had a few head shakes the drag just screamed off, after about a 30m run bang line has gone slack and I wind in my lure just no luck with the bigger fish this trip. Few more toll runs and we moved up to another spot up river where,  I landed another a small barra.

Time to head home so just before we got back to the ramp we tried one more spot. Again first run and I was on again another quick fight and in the boat.

A few more runs with a hit or hook up ever troll. Dad lands a few small fish and now it is time to go. Back to camp packed up and headed home. A great couple of days with dad and again I



See Ya


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