How to out fish your dad

Darwin Harbour

On Saturday Dad and I went for a fish in Darwin harbour. The day started off with dad loosing a bung for the boat. We went to buy one at the local fishing shop but being a Quintrex the after market bungs didn’t fit. Into town we went and waited for Quintrex dealer to open to grab a bung. Thanks to these guys there that let us in early and gave dad a bung. All sorted launched d the boat at Dinah Beach ramp which dad now hates because he hit a rock coming back in from fishing and chipped the prop. Head off to a spot dad and I have fished a few times with no luck hopefully this would change. We arrived and I started flicking and was on with a small trevelly.  Dad a a few more casts and got hit by a small barra. We motored around with the minnkota dad likes the new ipilot electric. Dad threw in under the trees and whack he’s on to a nice little barra, quick fight and it’s in the boat. Dad releases the fish and flicks out again whack he’s on again with another barra to the boat. we drift around casting as the tide drops and I just cant hook up. the barra are following my lure out but keeping missing it. The tide is lower now and almost out of the mangroves so we are flicking along the dirty water line the bang dad’s on again with a better fish this time. Nice 62cm barra in the boat for dinner. A few more cast and dad is on again still no barra for me. I throw out and slowly wind my lure in, I stop winding and the lure is just sitting there and smash it gets hammered by a barra. this fish jumps all over the place then I get him to the boat were dad nets him. First barra for me today. I keep flicking and I am onto another fish but dad was to slow with the net and it gets off at the boat. We fish for about another half an hour and Dad lands another fish. Has gone quite now so we head over to Bleesers creek for the rest of the run out and start of the incoming tide but all has gone quite no more fish for today. Thanks to the people in the boat that asked if I was the Kid that has the blog thanks for reading it.


Well Dad out fished me today but there is always next time so watch out dad.

See Ya




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