How to out fish your dad

Easter Fish.

It’s been a long time between posts and fishing trips, Have had a few trips up the Boyne with dad but only cat fish to report. Dad, Brianna and I managed a trip out over Easter up the Calliope River while mum was away and a bit of exploring around Gladstone. We went for a drive to Deep Water national park. No fish but it was a nice spot. We will have to go back._MG_3838_MG_3840_MG_3900We did manage to catch a few fish up the Calliope. Brianna almost out fished me. We ended up with some Bream for dinner and caught a few small cod and Grunter.


Hopefully I will have a few more trips to write about soon and keep out fishing Dad. All dad got was a mud crab this trip.

See Ya


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