How to out fish your dad

Flicking Some Freshwater Holes

Today dad and I finally got out for a quick fish. We were going to do a trip in Darwin harbor but when dad got the boat ready he found that he had left the structure scan on and the battery was flat. Dad also forgot to charge the second battery. So dad took me to the Howard river for a flick off the bank. We have never fished here before so it was a exploring trip. we stopped at the first spot and went for a walk, on the way we saw a Golden Tree snake. We saw a few small barra swimming around and first case I was on! a quick jump and a nice little barra to the bank.

A few more flicks and couple more hits but no more fish and off through the bush I went looking for more spots

We fished a few different spots for plenty of hits but the fish just didn’t want to hook up.

Even though we didn’t get anymore fish it was great fun to get out and have a look around and Out Fish Dad again.

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