How to out fish your dad

Fresh Water Finnis

A 5 am wake up call by dad and we were off for a trip to  fresh water Finnis, which is about one hour drive from our place. We launched the boat at sunrise and headed up river and it was cold!!! We started fishing a little drain running out, when dad got a hit then caught a small barra. A couple of casts later I got a Sootie Grunter. We catch heaps of Sooties at the Finnis.   A few more casts later I then got a small Barra.   The fishing went quiet so we headed up to our Sootie spot but no fish there today. Back down river to a new spot where Dad got a Sootie and I got another Barra. After this we headed back to the ramp to go home. I ended up with two  barra a Sootie and a Tarpon for the morning. The wildlife was amazing, lots of birds and some crocs.  A good morning out with dad and I out fished him again.




See Ya Sean.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    This is really good. I will keep checking it and see how you are going. Make sure you always outfish Dad.


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