How to out fish your dad

Friday Darwin Harbour Fish

Today dad had a surprise for me when he picked up us from school, we were going fishing.   When I got home I got dressed quickly and went out fishing with dad in Darwin harbour. We flicked one of our spots first up. Dad hooked a small barra which got away. After this we went to the mouth of Pioneer Creek. There was lots of fish feeding on the surface and Queenies jumping everywhere. I put a popper on my rod.  First cast I had a hit. Soon after I hooked my biggest Queenie. After a good fight it was in the boat.

We drifted around flicking at the rocks and I was on again this time I landed a small GT. We kept working the same area for a while with heaps of hits and follows. I ended up with another GT before we headed back towards the ramp.

We flicked a few more gutters on the way home where dad got a small blue salmon and I had a heap of them hit my popper. It was a good afternoon out with dad and this time I out fish my dad again.

See you later on the water,


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