How to out fish your dad

Gladstone Reefs

Today Dad, Rod and I headed out around Mast Head and Wistari  Reefs of Gladstone for a morning fish. On the way out we came across some Tuna but unfortunately not hooks up on the lure. We pulled up at some shoals between the reefs and started having a drift. Dad caught a small Red Throat emperor straight away. I was on to a nice fish next. This was a good fight and turned out to be a nice shark. Dad did film the fish but stuffed up with pushing the wrong buttons so no video for this trip.  Rod then hook a shark around 5 to 6 foot long before being snapped off. After I caught a small tusk fish, a visit from a sea gull(mine, mine ,mine) and loosing all our other fish to sharks we headed off to another spot.


We had a run along the edge of Wistari reef where I through around some homemade poppers. I had had a couple of hits from Coral Trout but again no hook ups.


Back out between some more shoals where we managed to catch  feed of Red Throat, Tusk Fish and dad got 2 Coral Trout. I also landed my first Mother in Law fish. Unfortunately no fish of the trout to busy trying to catch some more. We ended up letting heaps of small one go and had fun landing fish all morning.


Time to head home. We saw dolphins and Dungeons on the way home. Heaps of bait around so dad and I will need another trip out to chase some pelagics when we have time. Then I can out fish my dad again.

See Ya



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