How to out fish your dad

Heron, Birds and Barra

Last week of school and I was lucky enough to have a family trip out to Heron Island. We spent most of our time snorkeling at Heron. But dad and I did manage to check out the Turtles laying at night time. Heron was full of bird life and great snorkeling.


Some Video of Heron.

<iframe id=”vp14iBNf” title=”Video Player” width=”432″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe>


After we got back Heron we headed up to Nan and Pa’s at Hideaway Bay. There was lots of Lorikeets at Nan and Pa’s so I managed a couple of shots when I stole dad’s camera off him. The Lorikeets are cheeky and live on there patio.


As an early Christmas present dad and I got a fishing trip with Andysfishing to Peter Faust Dam to chase some big barra. It was hard fishing and plenty of casting and heaps of tree catching by dad. I end up landing the first barra which was new PB at 90cm and caught in the sticks. Dad finally land a fish as well which went 101cm.

_MG_7083_MG_7088_MG_7091_MG_7095  We got a few tips from Andy on how to fish the dams. Dad and I plan to fish Awoonga soon and I will catch my metery and out fish my dad.

Se ya


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