How to out fish your dad

Rainbow Beach and some fishing with Pa.

About 2 weeks ago I went to Rainbow Beach with mum, dad and my sister to attend dad,s cousins wedding. While we where down there I got to have a fish at Inskip point which is where the ferry to Frasier Island is, but it was pretty wet. We got flooded in for an extra day so dad got some worms and took me for another fish. I caught 2 small puffer fish and my first yellow tail bream so at least I got a fish

We managed to get out of Rainbow Beach the day before we flew home so I was pretty happy as dad, I and my Pa were going fishing to the Little Howard the day after we got back. Friday has arrived and we are off to buff Creek to launch and try up at spot 6 in the Little Howard. Well it was a long day with only two mud crabs and Pa manged a legal barra for dinner a very quite day.


Next trip was to the Elizabeth River with dad and Pa again and it turned out to be another quite day. I managed a couple of small cod and Pa caught a small barra.

Dad and Pa went for a quick flick up the Adelaide River while I was a school, I hate the Adelaide as I never catch fish here but dad got a nice 75cm barra.

the weekend has come around again so dad wanted to take me to Shady but the Adelaide River flood plain was under water so we headed back to Elizabeth River for another flick again pretty quite. We started using the electric motor and flicked the flats with the incoming tide when Pa hooked a nice barra but it got off. A couple of more casts and I was on but lost this one as well. Dad finally hooked up and landed a small barra. A little bit further down the river dad got another one. just after this I hooked up and landed a small barra as well. Nothing legal for the day but at least we got some fish and lost about six or seven still a good day out.

Here,s a small video of Today’s fish.


See Ya


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