How to out fish your dad

Salt Water Arm

School holidays are on again so dad and I went out to Salt Water Arm for the day. We arrived about 8am and launched the boat. First up we dropped some crab pots in then headed up the coast for a flick along some flats. No fish up here but there was a nice size croc. We decided to head over to a creek mouth and fish the run out. When we got to the creek the colour change was starting up at the mouth. There was fish feeding in around the mangroves so we headed in using the electric. We did not catch any fish but we saw 2 big Queenfish one chased my lure but missed. We also saw a couple of sharks and some big Threadfin Salmon. We went back out and I landed my lure on a shark which got hooked up in his tail. We then headed back to the mouth were I hook and landed my first barra for the day.

After a while with no more fish, we headed off to a rock bar, Dad had a hit first cast and then I hooked up just after that, landing a 60cm barra.

Dad flicked into the same area and landed a small barra. I then threw at some more rocks and just as the lure got to the boat it smashed by a little barra.

It was along day after this with dad landing one more fish. It was late now time to head home. We picked up the pots ending up with 6 crabs but they were all to small.


Not to many fish for the day but I still out fished my dad.


See Ya


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