How to out fish your Dad

Shady Camp

As usual up early again, dad and I  where off to Shady Camp. Arrived just after sunrise to find that all the run off has disappeared from when dad was out here just over a week ago and we just managed to launch the boat on low tide. We headed down stream flicking some back eddies where dad managed to land two small barra straight up, looked like we were in for a good day. I managed a couple of hook ups but lost them. We kept heading down river where I hooked another small fish but he got off as well. The tide was running by now so dad and I headed around to Tommycutt for a look. We spent a few hour trying a few different spots for no fish so decided to head back to Shady for the rest of the day. I managed to land a nice Tarpon up at the Barrages.

We tied the main Barrage for a while where I landed a couple of small barra but still very quite. The tide was had turned again and was now running out so we headed back down stream to flick some gutters and drains. We came across a small colour change with a few fish feeding. Dad got a nice hit then I threw in under some trees and whack a nice hit me but missed, a couple more turns of the handle a whack again I was on. I landed a nice barra around 58cm.

A few more flicks and no more action so off we went again. Dad spotted a little run off with some birds around it so we gave this spot ago. First cast I got a hit, a few casts later a nice fish hit me at the boat and off it went, around the electric and into the trees. I managed to get it out and after a few more run it was in the boat, best fish for the day at 76cm. Quick photo and off he went.


A few more casts and another big fish had a go and missed but then I was on. A smaller fish had taken the lure another fight and another barra to me.

The fish went off the bite after a few more hits so it was time to head off. We had a few flicks and some spots heading back up to the ramp. Dad lost a couple of fish but that was about it. So in the end I ended up with about 6 barra and out fished dad again.


See Ya


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