How to out fish your dad

Shark Frenzy

Dad and I had our first out in the big boat today. We started to head out to Rock Cod Shoal but was getting a bit rough for my first trip out. With a change in course we headed to a hole at the back of Tide Island. We anchored up in the middle of the hole and dropped down our baits. Dad was the first one to hook up and in came our first shark.  Then it was my turn for the next one, another shark. Dad dropped down and was on again, this time a baby Hammer Head._34T0239-3_34T0243I dropped back down and I was on again but this time it was a small jewfish. I put it back but while it was swimming of a sea eagle flew down and grabbed it.


Time to try and catch a big jewie. Back onto another fish which turned out to be another shark.


After a few more sharks it was time to try somewhere else. We headed of to  Jennylyn reef. We pulled up on the edge and straight away dad caught a spangled emperor. My next fish as another shark, this time a Wobbegong  Shark. Dad then landed a Leather Jacket and I landed my biggest Moon Fish (Bat Fish). We ended up landing some small cod and dad got a nice mother in law fish. Starting to get windy by now so it was time to home.


Next time round hopefully some good weather and a trip to the Islands and out fish my dad.


Se Ya


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