How to out fish your dad

Stick-baiting Cape Cap to Southern Great Barrier Reef

This year has been one of the best fishing years so far with many PB’s and firsts. First up was Cape Cap, chasing Trevally, Queenfish and Mackeral.


Through out the year Dad and I have been getting into stickbaiting on the reefs. around the Southern Great Barrier Reef. The gear we use for stickbaiting the reef has to be very strong and have the drag capability to pull fish off the reef. I am using a Shimano Twin Power 8000SW spooled with 60Lbs Daiwa j-braid on a Shimano Terez 15lb to 30lb spin stick. The main stickbaits we use are Rapala Xrap long cast, Nomad madscads and Westin swim120. The main fish we catch are red throat, big eye sea bream and a few Spangled Emperor and odd markerel. I have hooked onto some big GT’s but have not managed to land one yet.

I outfished dad once again and will hopefully do it next time.

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