How to out fish your dad

Trip to the Narrows

For ages I have been asking dad to take me out to the Narrows and try and catch my first Black Jewfish, well today dad and I went out to have a go for some Jewies and Barra. Up early as usual, and watched the sunrise as we launched off the ramp. Arrived at the spot dad wanted to try, dropped the anchor down and I was ready to catch some fish. The tide was still a bit strong but I dropped my bait down anyway not long after I was on and landed a small Golden Snapper.


Just after this dad hooked up and landed a small jewie at least there was some around. Dad dropped back down again and this time was onto a better fish, after a nice fight dad had a good jewie in the boat.


I dropped back down again and it didn’t take long and I was on as well turned out to be a Blue Salmon.

I dropped my bait down again and over the next 30mins or so as the tide turned I lost 3 big Jewies so no fish for me. It was time to head up river and chase some Barra but today no Barra either. At the top of the tide dad took me back to the Jewie spot for another go and it didn’t take long and I was on to another big fight but this time I got him my first Jewfish yea:-) It was 112cm long and weighed 12kg I was pretty happy.


My first Jewie in the boat I was keen to get another. I had a few hits and got snapped off. While dad was re-rigging my rod I was using his and whack I was on again, Another big fight and my second Jewie in the boat. This one was 111cm and 12kg as well. What a great day and I out fished my dad again.

On the way home we checked the crab pots and got 2 muddies for dinner.

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