How to out fish your dad

Wilshire #2

It is school holiday time here so dad and I went for my first fish to the Wilshires on the Adelaide River. Up early and we headed out to Saltwater Arm to launch the boat and catch up with some of dads workmates. First stop was at the mouth of Saltwater Arm for a quick flick where dad caught a small queen fish. A few more casts and then we headed over to Chads Creek for a look. We have never been here before so we slowly drifted up the creek with the Electric flicking snags. Dad hooked up on a small Barra which released it’s self at the boat. Another cast and I hooked a nice little Barra which jumped and spat the lure. We explored the creek for a little more with dad loosing another Barra then decided to head to #2 Wilshire creek. The trolling was quite to start with then Dad’s friend and his kids caught a Barra trolling, next run dad was on landing the first Barra for the day.


After this fish it went quite so we headed up river a bit more. We were trolling along when dad was on again, as I went to wind in a Barra hit me as well.  Double hook up. After a small fight both fish were in the boat.



We continued on trolling and found it pretty quite for a while. As the tide was slowing down  dad landed a couple more nice fish. We headed back down river a bit to where dad got his first fish in the morning, and started trolling again. Dad managed to get snagged and as I was winding in a nice fish nailed my lure. After a good fight I had the biggest fish of the day in the boat a nice silver 78cm. Dad was still snagged.

It was getting late so a few more trolls and dad landed another nice fish and lost another.


Time to go now so off we went. Dad ended up catching more fish today but I still got the biggest so I out fish my dad again.


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